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Touched By Touch 

Massage Therapy

Improving one's Quality of Life Through the Power of Touch

Touched By Touch is a Five Star Mobile Massage Therapy Service in South Miami Dade providing Massage and Touch Therapy for Children and Adults at your location. 

**Proud Service Provider for all Families. Inclusive Massage Therapy (Certified Pediatric & Autism Touch Therapist)**

Massage Therapy

Pediatric Massage


Massage Therapy is a healing therapy that has been around for thousands of years. Massage therapy has many health benefits not only for the physical body but also for the mental and emotional well-being.
There are a wide variety of styles (modalities) to choose from to help you decide what's best for your personal needs & goals. Brief Description of specific modalities is described in menu.

Autism Touch Therapy


Autism is one of the fastest growing childhood diagnoses in the United States. Autism occurs on a wide spectrum. It is a neurological condition that can create a hypo- or hyper-sensitive effect of one's processing of any of the senses. Out of all senses, TACTILE(touch) responses are the most 

Autism Touch Therapists have taken advanced training and customize each session for each child tailored to their immediate needs. These sessions are specially designed & detail oriented with sensory integrated work unique to an individual's needs. Similar protocol applies for children with similar neurological needs, trauma or special health care needs. One of the goals of Touch Therapy for Autism is to encourage relaxation and reduce anxiety.

(This is not a service for one looking to "cure" autism)
*Consultation is required


Children experience different forms of touch from birth on and create their own view and opinion about the kind of touch they receive. Experiences and thoughts vary child to child, especially for a child who has had any special health care need (they may have less positive experiences with touch vs a child with no history of any health intervention).
As a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, there has been specific advanced training to tailor each session to the individual child's and their family's need. They take extra consideration of the child's mental, emotional, & physical development & any challenges they may have while keeping them engaged. The approach is one of creativity, compassion, empathy, learning, and professionalism. There's plenty of communication verbal/nonverbal through each session. One of the goals each session is for the child to feel in control of their body and be respected. There is always a consultation prior to performing any massage to pediatric clients.

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