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About Touched By Touch


Massage Supplies

Gabrielle Chambers, the CEO of Touched By Touch, knows the value, impact, and influence of positive touch from infancy onward. She's passionate about what she does and her goal is to impact all children and adults she serves in a positive way. She knows that positive touch with good intent can bring healing not only to the physical body but also to the mind and improves one's overall well-being. Her approach is always tailored to an individual's needs and goals whether it's pain relief, relaxation, gaining tolerance of touch/bonding, or gaining respect of one's own body.

Gabrielle is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Miami, FL with over 16 years of experience in the massage and bodywork field. She has worked and volunteered in various settings throughout the community. One being the internationally known, Fontainebleau Resort's spa Lapis for 7 years, until she pursued her training and goals of becoming a Pediatric Massage and Autism Touch Therapist with the Liddle Kidz Foundation. She now works exclusively with private clientele providing mobile massage therapy services.

During her free time, Gabrielle enjoys spending time with loved ones, time in nature, attending events & festivals, and anything music related.

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